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The digital transformation is now also making its way into municipal institutions. However, due to the high demands on potential systems, it is often not so easy to introduce innovations. With our many years of experience in the municipal sector, we can offer Intrakommuna as a dialogue platform that ideally meets these requirements.

For example, as an umbrella organization, you can create separate subnets for individual institutions, thus providing them with their own space for exchange. With the simple chat tools and the activity stream, you make everyday communication easier for your employees and avoid cumbersome communication by email.

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Secure digital dialogue platform for local authorities

Municipalities and other local authorities 

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Why you should use the intra-community dialogue platform as a municipal corporation.

Supraregional Platform

Link with other municipalities

Intrakommuna enables the improvement of work processes and avoidance of redundancy in problem-solving through the intercommunal and supra-regional exchange platform. With an expanded knowledge circle and the ability to find subject matter experts outside one’s own corporation, Intrakommuna serves as the first point of contact for project work and communication.

Optimal Methods

Exchange faster

Find the right contacts for specific tasks faster and integrate them into your projects. Create project groups to accomplish projects and challenges more quickly and with a targeted approach. Invite external parties into isolated subnetworks without the risk of making your data accessible to third parties. This way, you enable internal and external communication without media disruption.

Data protection and security

Speak safely with each other.

Municipal institutions in particular have special requirements for data protection and security. As a German provider, we are well acquainted with the high standards of data protection and implement the GDPR accordingly. Our data centers are also operated in Germany and are ISO 270001 certified. Intrakommuna thus ensures secure exchange and cooperation.

some of our municipal customers


Success Story: Erding District

Diaglogplattform Landkreis Erding
Our old intranet was purely static, like a blackboard. With Intrakommuna, interaction has significantly increased. The departmental staff can now independently manage topics, create their own wikis or project groups - all without the IT department.
Harald Wirth
Head of Human Resources, IT and Central Services, Erding District