Member portal for associations
Digital knowledge &
dialogue platform

Digital knowledge and dialogue platforms for associations and clubs. Bring together members, supporting members, partners, and experts on a single platform.

All target groups - many
opportunities - one solution

Intrakommuna for associations provides all the tools for smooth collaboration and makes information quickly available. Help your members to gather and document knowledge. Make individual insights available as added value for the entire community.

Increase the visibility for
your information with
Intrakommuna for Associations!

… and make it harder for your members and partners to overlook your messages!

Member portal for associations - A comprehensive association platform

The vibrant knowledge database of Intrakommuna for associations promotes the direct exchange of your members and makes naturally occurring dialogues usable for all users. In this way, important information is made immediately accessible to all involved parties and prevents loss of knowledge. Verify the best content and highlight it. Actively involve your members in discussions and find out what currently moves them.

Groups that can be customized

Create groups to exchange ideas on specific topics. You decide whether the group is open, closed or secret and thus only accessible and visible to selected users.


With the help of surveys, targeted opinion polls can be conducted. In this way, it becomes easier for network members to quickly receive feedback on specialist topics.

Events & Veranstaltungen

Communicate meetings and events to all participants. Events can be linked with the Outlook calendar.

Search function

With the global search function, you can find the people you need.

Calls and video telephony

Create teleconferences with or without video calling to conduct meetings in real time.

Team Calendar & Group Calendar

View all upcoming appointments at a glance. Network calendars and team calendars can be unlocked for specific groups of people.


Important information and the latest news can be directly communicated to all participants using the announcement tool.


Discuss and evaluate ideas. This way, good ideas and innovations come to life faster.

Highlight content

Question askers can rate productive answers as helpful. In this way, concentrated knowledge grows significantly faster.

Write and read posts

Every participant can both write their own specialist articles as well as read the specialist articles of other experts on the web.

Digital committee service

Committees and panels are a fixed component of everyday association work. Intrakommuna for associations helps to make these more clear and simple. Invite the relevant people into groups and work together on documents or draft resolutions. With file versioning, you can keep track of current changes.

Automatic Newsletter

The newsletter is an important tool for staying in touch with customers. Due to its simplicity, it can be quickly set up and distributed to an unlimited number of recipients on the platform. Through individual design, it can be perfectly tailored to your target audience and their needs.

Working Groups

Whether you work in an online team or from home, there is a need to digitize communication from working groups. That’s why digital communication and collaboration are so essential for the success of remote teams. Here, you can bring together contributors in just a few minutes, thereby accelerating communication. You decide whether it is a private, open or secret working group and how its dashboard will be designed.

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