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Digital products and services are now part of everyday life. Most people use messenger services to exchange ideas with friends, social networks to make new contacts, and blogs and forums to discover new content and topics. While this works well in private life, the situation is often different in the workplace. Overflowing email inboxes or unclear responsibilities are more the rule than the exception. What if you could use the proven tools from everyday life in a professional environment as well? With Intrakommuna, that’s exactly what you can do. Use the activity stream to always stay up to date, the messenger to stay connected even on mobile, or work efficiently in project groups. Your workspace has found a new digital home with Intrakommuna.

Your communication in one place

Make knowledge transparent


Why you should use Intrakommuna as a company

Communication management

Your communication in one place

Intrakommuna is your new digital workplace. Chat with colleagues, share and comment on posts, or give feedback on the latest documents. Lost emails are a thing of the past. This makes communication easy, fast and uncomplicated!


Knowledge management

Make knowledge transparent

In many companies, the coffee kitchen or so-called corridor radio is a central source of knowledge for many employees. Thus, much knowledge remains hidden and concentrated on individual people or groups. In Intracommuna, for example, you can break up such knowledge silos with the help of wikis or topic pages and make know-how transparent and accessible to all employees.

Internal & External

Communicate securely

With Intrakommuna, you not only get access to a protected and isolated intranet area, but also a secure messenger for internal communication and for making contact and discussing with external parties.


Success Story: Maier + Knott

"In a tax consultancy, knowledge tends to lie in the corridor. With Intrakommuna, we can make such knowledge and communication within the company transparent. The wikis, for example, help us to make important information accessible to all employees."
Stefan Dreßler
Managing Director, Maier + Knott

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