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The digital transformation of municipalities is the key to creating smart, connected cities. Smart City platforms play a central role in integrating digital technologies and innovations into the urban space. In a world where cities are growing and changing more and more, Smart City platforms are the driving force behind the development of sustainable, efficient, and livable cities. They promote the dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaboration that are essential for the success of Smart Cities.


Key Features of Smart City Platforms

Municipal entities are increasingly putting their Smart City strategies into action. A digital element of this strategy can be a Smart City dialogue platform, which quickly becomes the digital heart of essential services. The primary focus is on an approach that sees Smart Cities in the context of integrated sustainable urban development and considers both sustainability approaches and collaborative elements, as well as the close involvement of citizens in urban decisions.

Highlight content

Questioners can rate productive answers as helpful. In this way, focused knowledge grows significantly faster.

Smart Search Function

With the AI-supported full-text search function, you can find people, documents, wikis and all possible content that was once stored on the platform.

Homepage Builder

Create your homepage / start page with a simple builder without development and special prior knowledge.

Calls and video telephony

Create teleconferences with or without video calling to conduct meetings in real time.


With the help of surveys, targeted opinion polls can be conducted. In this way, it becomes easier for network members to quickly receive feedback on specialist topics.

Calendar - Events & Activities

Communicate meetings and events to all participants. Events can be linked with the Outlook calendar.


Discuss and evaluate ideas. This way, good ideas and innovations come to life faster.


Important information and the latest news can be directly communicated to all participants using the announcement tool.

  • Networks for several thousand users
  • Customizable Design / Branded Network / Own App
  • Automatic Newsletter
  • Online Knowledge Database / Wiki
  • Document Management / Cloud Storage / Drive
  • Edit documents online
  • Video telephony / Video Conferences
  • More secure chat / messenger
  • Flexible API interfaces

3 Advantages of Smart City Platforms

Cooperation and Networking

The platform enables collaboration and networking between various interest groups, including authorities and administrative bodies, businesses, citizens, and technology providers. This collaboration promotes innovation and the development of sustainable solutions.

Efficient resource utilization

Through the integration of data and the use of interfaces into other solutions, relevant information can be centrally provided to citizens via Smart City platforms and openly discussed there.

Citizen Participation and Transparency

Smart City platforms promote citizen participation by providing them access to information and the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes. This increases transparency and allows citizens to actively participate in shaping their city.

This makes Smart City platforms an important tool for the development and implementation of Smart City initiatives.


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