Secure Messenger

With the Intrakommuna Messenger, you can reach your colleagues anytime and anywhere.



The secure messenger for your target audience

Did you know that you can use the Intrakommuna Messenger independently of the rest of the platform? This way, you stay connected with your colleagues even on the go and reach them safely and quickly. Continue reading now to learn more about the possibilities of the Intrakommuna Messenger.

Chat and Chat Rooms

Stay in touch with group chat

The messenger function allows you to reach your colleagues from anywhere and at any time. The group chats enable you to exchange ideas with relevant colleagues collectively. You can invite new colleagues at any time. There is no limit to the number of group chats. With the help of the built-in file upload, you can easily share files and images using your smartphone.

Employee Directory

Reach Messenger members quickly

Offer your members a secure messenger to ensure confidential communication. Our solution ensures that your members can exchange information safely and securely, without having to worry about privacy and security. With our secure messenger for members, you can conduct trustworthy conversations while ensuring the integrity of your communication.

Messenger GDPR

Use the secure messenger from Intrakommuna, which complies with GDPR guidelines, to ensure confidential communication. Our solution guarantees that your messages can be exchanged securely and in compliance with data protection, without privacy concerns. With our GDPR-compliant secure messenger, you can have trustworthy conversations while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

For those who highly value the confidentiality of their communication, adherence to security and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is of crucial importance.

  1. Protection of Sensitive Information: Confidential communication may contain personal, business, or sensitive information that should not fall into the wrong hands. Security measures ensure the protection of these data from unauthorized access or theft.
  2. Legal Obligations: The GDPR and other data protection laws establish strict rules for the processing of personal data. Non-compliance can lead to significant legal consequences, including fines. Therefore, compliance with these laws is essential.
  3. Trust and Reputation: The trust of your customers, partners, and members is of utmost importance. When they know that you handle their data securely and in accordance with data protection regulations, it strengthens your image and promotes trust and credibility.
  4. Avoidance of Data Breaches: Data breaches can have serious consequences, both financially and in terms of reputation. A secure approach to communication minimizes the risk of data breaches and their negative impacts.
  5. Maintaining Privacy: Individuals who share confidential information with you expect that their privacy will be respected. Failure to meet these expectations can affect the trust and willingness to communicate.
  6. Competitive Advantage: Organizations that can ensure secure and GDPR-compliant communication have a competitive edge. Customers and business partners often prefer companies and organizations that protect their data.
  7. Customer Loyalty: When customers know that their data is secure and their privacy is respected, they are more likely to maintain long-term relationships with your company or organization.

In summary, ensuring security and GDPR compliance is crucial for those who value confidentiality in their communication, in order to protect sensitive data, meet legal requirements, build trust, and establish long-term relationships.