Intra-community for Law Firms -
Digital Knowledge & Dialogue Platform

All the tools for quick and easy information distribution in your firm.

All employees, partners and clients on one platform.

All target groups - many possibilities - one solution

Easily accessible knowledge for employees and firm management, as well as simple communication options, are the foundation of a modern firm. Intrakommuna for tax consultants offers all the advantages of collaborative work and makes information quickly available.

Collaboration with clients

Include your clients in the communication. Create client groups and keep all information up to date.

News Stream

Always stay informed about everything that happens in your law firm.

Your own app

Work from anywhere and take advantage of the

Law Firm Search Engine

With Intrakommuna for tax consultants, information can be found quickly and easily - from your clients and your employees.

Law Firm Wiki

Knowledge, process descriptions and documents can be stored or documented in the integrated wiki.

Data protection and security

The servers are located in Germany and are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified.

Intrakommuna for tax consultants as a law firm network

With your firm’s own network, you can easily communicate with clients through a group-based system. Clients no longer ask their questions via email or phone, but directly in the IntraCommuna for tax consultants’ office network. Here, these can be answered more effectively and sustainably.

Intrakommuna for tax consultants as a law firm platform.

Intrakommuna for tax consultants offers all the tools for smooth collaboration and makes information quickly available. Collect all the knowledge of your firm on a central platform. Provide individual insights as added value to your firm and your clients.

Some of our customers

"In a tax consultancy, knowledge tends to be in the corridor. With Intrakommuna for tax consultants, we can make such knowledge and communication within the company transparent. The wikis help us, for example, to make important information accessible to all employees."
Stefan Dressler
Maier + Knott Tax Consultancy Company

Facilitate collaboration between association members and digitize committees.

Simplify communication and accelerate decision-making

Digitize internal processes and improve communication with clients

Distribute news, build relationships and make decisions faster.