Use Case

Mobile work from anywhere

Whether at home, in the home office or on the way to an appointment – mobile working is now part of a modern workday. Intrakommuna supports you with helpful tools and features. With the app, you can conveniently access your conversations and files on the go. The messenger allows you to stay in touch with your colleagues.

Always stay up to date.

Stay in touch with your colleagues even on the go – mobile working from anywhere. In the activity stream, you can see the latest posts from your subscribed groups. Interact with your colleagues through likes and comments.

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Connect with colleagues who are currently important.

With the group function, you can conveniently and easily communicate with people who are particularly relevant to you at the moment. You can create open groups to give all organization members the opportunity to participate. In closed groups, you determine who has access to the internal group posts and files. You can also add external participants to groups at any time.

Never miss any news again

With the help of notifications, your employees are informed about current news and posts from groups through mobile work.

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Intra-community Messenger

Stay in touch.

With the Intrakommuna Messenger, communication on the go becomes child’s play. With the integrated employee directory, you can find and contact your colleagues. You can create as many group chats as you want and efficiently exchange information with the relevant people. 

Did you know that you can also use the Intrakommuna Messenger as a separate product for your organization? Talk to us about it!


Core functions for mobile work

Survey Tool

With the help of surveys, targeted opinion polls can be conducted. In this way, it becomes easier for network members to quickly receive feedback on specialist topics.


Discuss and evaluate ideas. This way, good ideas and innovations come to life faster.

Announcement Tool

Important information and the latest news can be directly communicated to all participants using the announcement tool.

Search Function

With the global search function, you can find the people you need.

Video Calling

Create teleconferences with or without video calling to conduct meetings in real time.

Write and read posts

Every participant can both write their own specialist articles as well as read the specialist articles of other experts on the web.

Employee Directory

Find the people you need easily with the employee directory. You can also quickly search for individuals.

Activity Stream

Follow new posts in the activity stream and respond with likes and comments.

iOS & Android App

The Intrakommuna app is available for both iOS and Android users. This way, you can reach the largest possible user base.


Create groups to exchange ideas on specific topics only. You decide whether the group is open or closed, and thus accessible only to selected users.


Receive notifications, either by email, as a text message, or as a push notification on your mobile phone.


Use the integrated messenger to communicate easily, securely, and quickly with your colleagues.

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