Use Case

Online Project Management

Efficient online project management has the potential to fundamentally change day-to-day operations. It enables teams to better coordinate tasks, save time, and improve communication. By using online tools and platforms, projects can run more smoothly, resources can be used more efficiently, and collaboration is facilitated. This leads not only to an increase in productivity but also to a reduction in stress and frustration. Moreover, online project management allows for a more flexible working style, as team members can collaborate from different locations. Overall, efficient online project management can help make the workday more effective and enjoyable.

Work together in teams.

Easily create closed project groups to collaborate with your team members. By the way, external individuals can also be invited into groups.

Inject momentum into collaboration.

Intrakommuna offers a range of helpful tools to invigorate team collaboration and interact with all members. Conduct surveys, create polls for ideas or communicate announcements.

Events and Calendar

Communicate meetings and events quickly and efficiently to all project members. These can be viewed in the integrated group calendar. In addition, events can also be linked with the Outlook calendar. This way, you won’t miss any important meeting anymore.

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Core functions for successful project work

Digital Workgroups

Create digital working groups to exchange ideas on specific topics only. You decide whether the group is open or closed, and thus accessible only to selected users.

Highlight problem-solving answers

Question askers can rate productive answers as helpful. In this way, concentrated knowledge grows significantly faster.

Group & Team Calendar

View all upcoming appointments at a glance. Network calendars and team calendars can be enabled for specific groups of people.

Survey Tool

With the help of surveys, targeted opinion polls can be conducted. In this way, it becomes easier for network members to quickly receive feedback on specialist topics.


Discuss and evaluate ideas. This way, good ideas and innovations come to life faster.


Important information and the latest news can be directly communicated to all participants using the announcement tool.

Search Function

With the global search function, you can find the people you need.

Video Calling

Create teleconferences with or without video calling to conduct meetings in real time.

Events & Events

Communicate meetings and events to all participants. Events can be linked with the Outlook calendar.

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