Use Case

Communication platform for schools

While students nowadays grow up with digital media, teaching often still takes place in an analog way. A projector in the classroom is usually the height of excitement. With Intrakommuna, you bring teaching into the digital age. Discuss homework online in real time during a video conference or actively involve the class in lessons with votes and surveys.

A communication platform for schools

Schulaustauschplattform is of crucial importance for successful education for several reasons:

  1. Effective Communication: Smooth communication between teachers, students, and parents is essential for exchanging information, addressing questions, and tackling challenges.
  2. Transparent Information Dissemination: The platform enables clear dissemination of information, such as schedules, exam dates, and school activities, ensuring that all stakeholders are well-informed.
  3. Parental Involvement: Parents can better track and support their children’s academic progress when they have easy access to grades, homework, and curricula.
  4. Safety: In emergencies, the platform allows for quick and secure communication between the school and parents to ensure the safety of students.
  5. Resource Management: Teachers can easily share resources such as teaching materials and assignments, enhancing efficiency in teaching.
  6. Collaboration: The platform encourages collaboration between teachers and students, both inside and outside the classroom, facilitating better knowledge transfer.

Overall, a communication platform significantly contributes to making educational institutions more efficient and ensuring that all stakeholders—teachers, students, and parents—are well connected to promote the success and well-being of students.

Exchange platform for schools

As an association of schools, a separate subnet can be set up for each school. This way, teachers and those in charge can exchange information and share best practices among themselves. Documents can be conveniently exchanged or even jointly developed. Thus, knowledge and experience sharing can happen regardless of location!

Interact with female and male students

Whether it’s questions about homework, worksheets or other course material – with Intrakommuna you can easily and quickly communicate with your students. Use either the posts or group chats for project work.

Communicate announcements

Is the hour cancelled or is there a new worksheet for the students? Whereas previously notices on the blackboard were necessary, you can now reach the class quickly and easily with our announcement tool.

Core functions for networked schools

Survey Tool

With the help of surveys, targeted opinion polls can be conducted. In this way, it becomes easier for network members to quickly receive feedback on specialist topics.

Ideas Tool

Discuss and evaluate ideas. This way, good ideas and innovations come to life faster.

Announcement Tool

Important information and the latest news can be directly communicated to all participants using the announcement tool.

Search Function

With the global search function, you can find the people you need.

Video Telephony

Create teleconferences with or without video calling to conduct meetings in real time.

Write and read posts

Every participant can both write their own specialist articles as well as read the specialist articles of other experts on the web.

Highlight problem-solving answers

Question askers can rate productive answers as helpful. In this way, concentrated knowledge grows significantly faster.

Ask questions

Through the collective knowledge database in networks, questions are directed to the right contact faster than by email or phone call.

Group & Team Calendar

View all upcoming appointments at a glance. Network calendars and team calendars can be enabled for specific groups of people.

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