Use Case

Online Knowledge Management

Both large and small organizations face the challenge of storing knowledge and using it profitably. Know-how often accumulates with individual, experienced people who have been there for many years. When these people leave the organization, a lot of knowledge is lost. Intrakommuna helps you to preserve this knowledge and make it accessible to all employees.

Organize knowledge centrally in the company

Knowledge management is an important component in the economy, but also in other businesses. With an exchange platform, companies can enable efficient knowledge management: manage, organize and share knowledge quickly and effectively.

Knowledge management with wikis and topic pages

Create wikis, reference works, and protocols easily to preserve knowledge and make it accessible to your members. You decide whether wikis are available only for certain groups or all users. 

Intelligent Document Management

Uploaded documents, images, videos and presentations can be easily managed and edited together. Your colleagues can also conveniently access the files on the go with the Intrakommuna app. With file versioning, you will be notified when a new version of one of your subscribed files is available. Previous versions remain naturally available at all times.

Make knowledge transparently accessible

Over the years, important know-how and knowledge accumulate with certain individuals who then become experts in a field. Intrakommuna helps to dissolve such knowledge silos by supporting communication and networking.

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Why knowledge management is so important

The exchange of knowledge is one of the most important elements of knowledge management. Therefore, it is important to provide a platform where employees can share information and ideas. This exchange platform allows employees to access the knowledge and ideas of others, including competencies, experiences, and insights that are focused on a common goal. 

This enables them to help each other expand their own competencies, develop new ideas, and increase productivity. Such a platform also enables faster and more efficient communication, which leads to more effective knowledge management. In addition, an exchange platform can help employees resolve conflicts, develop new ideas, and make faster decisions. In short, with an exchange platform, companies can make their knowledge management more efficient, which ultimately leads to greater success and productivity.

Core functions for effective knowledge management


Wikis, reference works and protocols can be created, modified and archived. Together with and for colleagues in real time.

Smart Inbox

Receive notifications tailored to your area of interest.

Announcement Tool

Important information and the latest news can be conveyed directly to all participants using the announcement tool.

Search Function

With the global search function, you can find the people you need.

Highlight problem-solving answers

Question askers can rate productive answers as helpful. In this way, concentrated knowledge grows significantly faster.

Topic Library

Content within publications can be marked as an interesting or noteworthy topic.


The most up-to-date version of documents, images, videos or presentations can be accessed and edited by anyone connected to the networks and logged in on devices.

File Versioning

As soon as a new version of a file or a new post is available, you will be notified. Previous versions naturally remain available at all times.

User Profiles

The contact data secured in the network, linked with profile pictures and profile details, are associated with relevant discussions and created files, identifying employees as experts in their field so that the right contacts can be quickly found via search function.

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